Superintendent's Corner

February 20, 2017

                        Re: February Happenings

Dear GCSD Families;

February is a special month in the interior.  The days are getting longer and you can even begin to feel a little heat coming from the sun.  GCSD is well into our second semester of the school year and we have much to celebrate. 


This past week, GCSD hosted parents from our IDEA Parent Advisory Committees, our IDEA field reps, and IDEA administration in Galena for two days of meetings.  This event is a special one for the district because it provides some of our IDEA parents a window into our Galena-based operations and allows them to gain a broader perspective of the different options GCSD offers our families and students statewide.  This visit is also special for the district because it reminds us of the diversity within our district and the myriad of ways our parents advocate for their children’s education. 

Earlier this month, GCSD school board members and administration visited Juneau and met with the Department of Education and Early Development along with members of the House and Senate Finance and Education Committees.  Once again, the state’s budget is the primary concern of our legislators and is driving the majority of the discussions in Juneau. Our focus for our legislative visits was three-fold:

  • Introduce GCSD to new members of the legislature

  • Inform key members of House and Senate Finance about the importance of DEED’s Major Maintenance CIP grant program and the need to provide some funding for capital projects

  • Update our legislators about the status of the community’s wood biomass boiler.

Finally, during the February 15, 2017 GCSD School Board meeting, the GCSD School Board took action on a number of items.  Most notably was the board’s decision to move forward with 100% design development for HVAC upgrades and window replacement for our student residence hall on the GILA campus, Ptarmigan Hall.  This project will upgrade the interior of the building’s heat system to increase heat flow and work better with the new city installed heat distribution system.  In addition, this project will replace all of the windows in the building with energy-efficient windows.  GCSD is fast-tracking this project to ensure the district can receive competitive bids in time for the summer construction season.   

Although there is a lot of statewide uncertainty regarding the development of a balanced state budget and the implications pertaining to state services, GCSD is committed to protecting our diverse curricular offerings and ensuring the greatest amount of educational options for our families and students.  Thank you for choosing to educate your students with GCSD. 



Chris Reitan, GCSD Superintendent                                                             


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