Streaming the 2018 Galena Graduation

Dear Parents, Guardians, Family Members, and Friends of Our Class of 2018 Graduating Seniors,

We know that the financial cost of attending this event is huge.  We also know that many of you want to see your loved ones graduate.  Our radio station, KIYU, in partnership with our school district, is trying to do everything we can to help you be a part (even if it is remotely) of this year’s Graduation.

  1. Our always helpful radio station, KIYU, along with student volunteers, will be video streaming the 2018 Galena Graduation.
  2. You have several options:
    1. Go to where you will find links to the streaming services.
    2. For video and audio links, please go to
    3. For an audio stream only, please go to

These links are not live at this time.

Graduation is on May 16th at 7:00 p.m. .  The streaming will begin shortly before the ceremony.

Thank you so much for allowing your student to attend school in Galena!


John Riddle & Ken Essex

Notification regarding graduation and lodging

Since we do not have a complete list of all parents, guardians, family members, and friends who will be attending the 2018 Graduation Ceremony and who will be lodging in our GILA gymnasium, I have elected to send this to everyone.

As a reminder:

  1.  We encourage our families to stay with friends or family in the GILA community or to make arrangements with one of our Bed & Breakfast businesses.
  2. If doing so is not possible, we are opening the GILA gym for people to stay.

If you are staying in the gym PLEASE remember the following crucial information:

  • The gym is being shut down completely for summer on May 18th.  NO ONE will be allowed to stay in the gym past that date.
  • The gym will be available, if necessary, on Monday, May 14th.
  • Obviously no alcohol or intoxication will be permitted in the gym or anywhere on campus.  However, there will be an area designated for smoking.
  • We have a limited number of cots available.  You are encouraged to bring your sleeping pad and sleeping bag.
  • If you use a C-PAP machine for Sleep Apnea, we will attempt to provide you with the electricity to run your machine.  We cannot guarantee that this will be possible since we do not know how many people will need this service.

This is a new situation given the long-term change in the housing needs of the BLM Firefighting Crews who stay in Galena every season.  We apologize for the inconvenience but, working together we will make sure the Class of 2018 has a fantastic Graduation Ceremony.

We appreciate your understanding!

John Riddle
Principal of Boarding School Operations, The Galena Interior Learning Academy

Ben Blasco
Director of Residence Life, The Galena Interior Learning Academy

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