Director of Residence Life’s Corner

Welcome and Welcome Back,

The school year has begun.  We have missed the students and it is great to have them back.  Thank you for having your students join us here.  Students have begun their orientation to GILA.

We have had some very nice upgrades to our student residence hall.  All new windows( including curtains), new heaters throughout the building  and new carpeting in hallways.  We will have new pictures posted soon.

We have increased our enrollment at GILA and are very excited to have more students joining us than ever before.  With all these new faces we are running First Year Experience groups, FYE is for all students that this is their first time at GILA.  This group will aide in making the adjustment to being part of the GILA community.

Students are provided meals at our Two Seasons Dining Hall.  On school days they are provided NSLP(National School Lunch Program) meals for breakfast and lunch.  For dinner they have a variety of choices of food, including a very nice salad bar.  On non-school days we serve a brunch and dinner.  Our dinner service runs from 4:30-5 for a snack, hot meal 5-7, 7-7:30 snack.  Students may take a piece of fruit out with them.

We will have a variety of activities and events happening to engage students.  Students will be placed into their community groups in two weeks.  We will have open room moves in two weeks.

Please see our staff page for our updated residence hall staff.  Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Ben Blasco
Director of Residence Life

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Mission Statement

Provide a nurturing environment through building relationships with our residents so they may develop into caring, productive members of their communities

Core Values

As a staff we hold these values to heart as we interact and give guidance to the young people we serve. These are values we hold to bolster in every student.

Students Will:
• Know they are loved
• Progress toward becoming positive contributors in their communities
• have an opportunity to build character
• develop life skills
• learn healthy habits
• learn how to make healthy choices
• experience a loving environment
• learn to value others above selfishness
• learn more about how to be self governing
• learn how to bounce back from hard times (resiliency)
• understand servant leadership
• believe they can be productive in their communities
• be able to identify their gifts and dreams/goals
• receive tools to succeed in life