Director of Residence Life’s Corner


The semester is rolling right along, second semester seems to go by faster and faster every year. April is right around the corner and that means health academy times in Galena. We have a behavioral health academy the end of March and YKSD partnership health academy camp mid-April.

Activity wise we have lots happening with students. We have our annual Easter egg hunt coming up. It will be the biggest and best yet. We hide several thousand plastic eggs with tickets inside of them. Students collect the tickets and can claim prizes. This event is open to our elementary students as well. It is lots of fun. We just had our music festival here at GILA.

We have started our re-enrollment process and have asked students to start the process. We will be calling to confirm with families as well. We are into our admissions for the fall 2018 school semester.

Sports wise, congratulations to the Lady Hawks Basketball for making it to State. Our ski team is still competing, as well as our NYO, Swimming and Track teams.

If you are planning on coming to Galena for graduation please contact Angie at the school.

Yours in education, Ben Blasco Director of Residence Life

Upcoming items to be aware of:

  • Behavioral Health Fair the week of March 26.
  • March 27th Special Meeting of School Board to determine Superintendent for 2018-2019—6:00 p.m.
  • March 28th Regular School Board Meeting—7:00 p.m.
  • March 29th Skiing WISA
  • March 30th Nulato is coming for weekend with lil wrestlers to wrestle & Play Basketball
  • April 1st Annual Easter Egg hunt
  • April 2nd @ 7:30pm Q&A with Senator Murkowski in GILA Auditorium
  • Phlight Club is April 13-14.
  • April 9th   NYO, at SHS GYM
  • April 26th – 28th  NYO
  • April 24th Activities Fair, 6pm
  • May 5th Prom
  • May 6th After Prom
  • May 11th & 12th annual strong person contest
  • May 15th Baccalaureate
  • May 16th Graduation
  • May 17th students depart GILA for the summer

Ben Blasco
Director of Residence Life

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Mission Statement

Provide a nurturing environment through building relationships with our residents so they may develop into caring, productive members of their communities

Core Values

As a staff we hold these values to heart as we interact and give guidance to the young people we serve. These are values we hold to bolster in every student.

Students Will:
• Know they are loved
• Progress toward becoming positive contributors in their communities
• have an opportunity to build character
• develop life skills
• learn healthy habits
• learn how to make healthy choices
• experience a loving environment
• learn to value others above selfishness
• learn more about how to be self governing
• learn how to bounce back from hard times (resiliency)
• understand servant leadership
• believe they can be productive in their communities
• be able to identify their gifts and dreams/goals
• receive tools to succeed in life