Director of Residence Life’s Corner


We are so very excited for another school year starting up. We have students from all over this great state joining us here.

We have been in school for a little while now, students have been doing an outstanding job. We have had a variety of student activities. Our first newsletter should be going out soon.

We have an outstanding staff working with your children. We would like to welcome a few new faces. Our GILA Food Service Manager, Amy Carlson. Amy has lived here in Galena for a few years and has been in Alaska for the past eight years. Another new face is our Residence Life Counselor, Kathleen Gast. She brings to us many outstanding experiences.

Students have all received their school computers, they all have GCSD email accounts. All students have signed the computer usage agreements. As a staff we will be communicating more thru email to students. Please remind them to check this daily.

Students have been sorted into RA communities this past weekend. We have a selection process/event. These communities will have regular meetings and events. We are having community circles, these are in place to aid students in develop a deeper sense of belonging to both each other and to the school.

Please feel free to contact me at any time you have any questions, please give me a call or email me

Yours in Education

Ben Blasco

Director of Residence Life

Mission Statement

Provide a nurturing environment through building relationships with our residents so they may develop into caring, productive members of their communities

Core Values

As a staff we hold these values to heart as we interact and give guidance to the young people we serve. These are values we hold to bolster in every student.

Students Will:
• Know they are loved
• Progress toward becoming positive contributors in their communities
• have an opportunity to build character
• develop life skills
• learn healthy habits
• learn how to make healthy choices
• experience a loving environment
• learn to value others above selfishness
• learn more about how to be self governing
• learn how to bounce back from hard times (resiliency)
• understand servant leadership
• believe they can be productive in their communities
• be able to identify their gifts and dreams/goals
• receive tools to succeed in life