Principal’s Corner

We promise to …

• Help our students increase their math performance 4% annually and their reading performance 3% annually,
• Treat all students with compassion, dignity, and respect so that at least 80% will continue schooling with GCSD, and
• Personalize instruction for each student based on assessment data.

September 10, 2019

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Welcome to a new school year! It is an honor to work with your student(s). We are extremely proud of our entire student body and we look forward to another wonderful year at GILA.

I would like to share some of the new things that are going on in school and around campus. We are in the middle of a $7.5 million dollar renovation of one of our main buildings. This is a project which has been funded by a Capitol Improvement Project Grant of The Department of Education and Early Development in conjunction with matching funds from The Galena City School District. Upon completion, the intention is for this facility to house our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (S.T.E.M.) courses. We are excited about moving into our new building at the start of the 2020-2021 school year!

I would also like for you to be aware of a major change in our Code of Conduct. We now have a Disciplinary Review Board which serves two primary purposes. First and foremost, Board members evaluate specific behaviors of individual students and develop a comprehensive plan to help these students rise to meet high behavioral expectations. Secondly, Board members, upon evaluating the behavior of specific students, will determine whether or not a student’s behavior necessitates the removal of dorm living privileges. While unfortunate, sometimes revoking a student’s dorm living privileges is necessary to protect the emotional and academic wellbeing of our other students.

Along with our current academic and career and technical educational courses, we now offer the following classes: “Science Fiction”; “Fantasy in Literature”; “College Preparation and British Literature”; “Speech”; “Spanish I & II”; “Principals of Flight”; “Space Science”; “Accounting”; “Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”; “Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”; “Art”; “Flexibility and Movement”; “Broadcasting”; and “Technical English.” We are committed to helping your student set and reach his or her academic and work readiness goals as they prepare for their future. We believe that these additional courses will help us achieve this goal.

As always, we encourage you to make contact with your student’s teachers. They will respond to emails and will return phone messages left with Angie Pittsenbarger, our school secretary. She can be reached at 656-2053. As the GILA principal, I will be available to visit with you about comments and concerns. Please convey to your student that I am also here to help. My cell is 656-7193. Texting is preferred. I can also be reached by email at Please remember to look at your student’s grade report using your parent/guardian login information for PowerSchool. This is an important tool which allows you to track your student’s progress. It also provides links allowing you to email your student’s teachers directly. If you would like assistance in accessing this information, please contact our school secretary.

Again, thank you so very much for choosing The Galena Interior Learning Academy as your student(s) educational placement. It is truly a pleasure and a privilege to have such a wonderful student body!


John Riddle
Principal of Boarding School Operations
907-656-2053 ext 108
656-7193 (cell)