Principal’s Corner

We promise to …

• Help our students increase their math performance 4% annually and their reading performance 3% annually,
• Treat all students with compassion, dignity, and respect so that at least 80% will continue schooling with GCSD, and
• Personalize instruction for each student based on assessment data.

Dear GILA Parents and Guardians,

I hope you are all doing as well as possible in these strange times.  Please know that we are here for you and for your student.  Safety is always our top priority followed by your student’s academic preparation.

Given the realities of the coronavirus, every school in the Unites States is working as hard as possible to design distance learning opportunities for students.  We have been working through the same challenges.  Here is what we are doing now:

  1. Teachers have contacted, or are in the process of contacting, all parents and  guardians to confirm contact information.
  2. Each of your student’s teachers are preparing packets of work. Your student is expected to work for 30 minutes each day on the assignments each teacher has provided.
  3. The packet will be mailed out on Friday, March 27th.
  4. The packet will include a labeled and a stamped envelope for the return of your student’s work.
  5. All teachers are receiving district cell phones with calling and text features. These phones should arrive within the next three or four days.  As soon as the phones arrive, all parents and students will be provided with each teacher’s contact info.  Currently, teachers are available through email.
  6. Pre-recorded phone messages will be sent to the primary phone numbers of parents/guardians and students.
  7. Your student can access their school email address just as they would while in school. If your student has to use a different computer, they can do the following to access their email:
    1. Go to the district website
    2. Open the “On-line Resources” tab.
    3. Click “Web Mail”
    4. Your student can use their password to access their email.

Note:  Please insure your student checks their email daily.

  1. Once each week, I will speak with all GILA students through the use of GCI’s conference calling service. I will send an invite to all GILA students with instructions on how to access this service.  I will also provide the time and date to call in.  Before the call-in, please make sure your student practices being able to mute and un-mute their phones during a conversation.
  2. Our Information Technology staff are doing everything they can to identify those families who do not have internet service. They will then do their best to work with those families to secure internet service.
  3. Parents/Guardians, please check your spam folders each day for important emails from teachers and/or admin.
  4. Please know that we are working quickly to transition from mailing work home through the USPS to using a digital means for teaching and learning. We will keep you informed as we move forward.
  5. If, despite all of our efforts, you still do not have internet, please inform us by the end of next week.

By now, I am sure that you’ve heard the phrase, “Things are changing hour by hour and day to day.”  This is a reality for us all.  We will keep you informed as soon as possible of any updates.

Two VERY important points:

  1. Make sure your student does not wait more than two weeks, from the time their packets arrive, to mail them back in the provided envelope.
  2. Please have your student read and/or write something every day. This is on top of the work they are doing for their teachers.

By working together we will get through this.  We miss your kids terribly.  An empty school building is a lonely place indeed.

Please contact me any time.  Texting is much preferred.  If you text, please include your name and the name of your student.  I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.


John Riddle
Principal of Boarding School Operations
907-656-2053 ext 108
656-7193 (cell)