Principal’s Corner

May 30, 2017

Dear Parents, Guardians, Family and Friends,

Once again, the end of the school year is here. It is time to celebrate the successes we have had. Graduations were awesome this year. We have had many positive comments. One thing that has come out is that there are much better connections between GILA students and the SHS students and families. The SHS student grades continue to be strong and we have shown growth in literacy and math. The Star Math test results show that our students have grown an average of 3.4 grade levels over the course of the year. That is good to know and something we can build on in the future.

The Achieve 3000 growth report shows that our students have grown at 1.9 times the expected rate. Again, this is great news and shows that we have some instructional strategies which are working.

It has been a great year and I expect that next year will be even better. I will be out of Galena for June and July, but I can be reached on my cell phone, 907-331-7851, or by my district e-mail, Sharilyn will be in and out of the office all summer and can help be in contact with me or Jason Harris.

If you have new students that will need to be enrolled for the fall, or have friends and relatives who are moving back to Galena, all of the enrollments are now done online at the district website, . It is found on the Sidney C. Huntington Schools page.

I hope you all have a wonderful and productive summer. August will be coming sooner than we expect. The first day for students is August 21, 2017. See you then.

Thank you,

Ken Essex
SHS Principal


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