Principal’s Corner

September 12, 2017

Dear SHS Families and Friends,

The school year is in full swing and we are excited about this year. Our staff are doing their usual outstanding job of working with each other, the community, administration and especially their students. I am very thankful to have the kitchen, custodial, office, teachers’ aides and instructional staff who make up the SHS community.

Mid-quarter was September 18th. We had a number of students with F’s on their reports. As expected there were significantly more F’s with the 9th grade and it decreased to very few with the 12th grade. Administration has met with each of the students to encourage them and to develop a plan so they will not have D’s or F’s at the end of first quarter. Please encourage your students to complete their work and get it turned in to their teachers. Remember that they may take advantage of the morning and after school learning opportunities at school. The end of the quarter is on October 20th and parent/teacher conferences are on the 27th.

Jamboree was held at SHS again and a wonderful time was had by all. It was good to see so many students and community members participating. We have had some volleyball games with more to come. Our team has won some games and it is all coming together for another successful season. The Jr. High basketball team will be travelling this week and next, so please encourage your students to keep up with their work if they are participating in the games.

The PAC is now meeting again on a monthly basis. We are having a work session this Saturday at 10:00 am in the SHS library to plan out some interests and focus for the upcoming year. The PAC will be working with the teachers and the community to help plan this year’s Halloween carnival. It is coming and will again be held in the SHS gym.

Yearbooks are here, so please come to the SHS office to purchase one. As usual, they are very nice and very well done.

We are continuing to ensure that we have a current or correct e-mail address in PowerSchool for our SHS families. We are still asking families to contact Sharilyn Kriska at 656-1205 to update all of their contact information.

Thank you for your continued support of your students and education in Galena,

Thank you,

Ken Essex
SHS Principal


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