Principal’s Corner

November 21, 2017

Dear SHS Families and Friends,

The second quarter mid-term is November 22. We will be sending out mid-quarter reports and any students with a D or F will be contacted by that teacher. We will be looking to see how we can work together to ensure that all of our students are achieving to the best of their ability. I am very impressed with the quality of work from our students and instruction from our teachers for first quarter. We had only one SHS student with an F on their report card. Of the 287 discreet grades of SHS students we had 74% A’s, 17% B’s, 7% C’s, 1% D’s and .3% F. We will continue to increase the rigor of our classes to ensure that our SHS students are ready for post high school work and schooling.

Parent/teacher conferences were held on the October 27th. We had a variety of success in having parents participate as many were working and unable to fit a conference into their schedule. Teachers were able to have phone conversations or e-mail contact with their families. We will continue to try and find ways to communicate these important milestones to families.

We had a PAC work session in the SHS library to plan out some interests and focus for the upcoming year. The next PAC meeting will be held on December 5th at 5:30 PM in the SHS library. It is open to the public and they value the community input. The PAC worked with the teachers and the community to host this year’s Halloween carnival. It was held in the SHS gym and we all had a great time. Thank you to all of the teachers, PAC members, community individuals and organizations, students and Mr. Schwoch for making the carnival a success, again.

We have many upcoming events in December. We will have the SAT and the ACT for our high school students. We will also, once again, have our fabulous Elementary Christmas program. Keep an eye and ear on the wireless and our Facebook page to keep up with all of the goings on at SHS.

Thank you and if you have any further comments or questions please call me or come visit.

Thank you,

Ken Essex
SHS Principal


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