About GCSD

About the Galena City School District

Galena, Alaska is located on the north bank of the Yukon River, 45 miles east of Nulato and 270 air miles west of Fairbanks in the great interior of Alaska.

The Galena City School District has a rich history of innovation and success along the banks of the Yukon River. The Galena staff, School board, and parents are proud of their school/community partnership.

The Galena City School District programs bring state-of-the-art technology, recreational facilities, recognized academic excellence, and industry standard vocational programs to a rural Alaskan community.

Sidney C. Huntington School

The Galena community school is called the Sidney C. Huntington School. The Sidney C. Huntington School provides quality K-8 education for the Galena students.

Sidney C. Huntington high school shares campuses with the Galena Interior Learning Academy. This arrangement doubles the courses, facilities, instructors, and activities available to local students as well as boarding school students.

Galena Interior Learning Academy

The Galena Interior Learning Academy is a state-wide boarding school for grades 9 through 12 and is Alaska’s longest operating residential secondary vocational school.

It is accredited by the “Northwest Association of Accredited Schools”. The Galena Interior Learning Academy also offers post secondary-vocational programs authorized by the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education.

The residential school has become an example of success with students from all over the state who left home in search of better educational opportunities. The unique combination of academics and vocational offerings and highly qualified staff gives the students an advantage.

Interior Distance Education of Alaska

The Interior Distance Education of Alaska program is the home school support program of the Galena City School District, serving the needs of students throughout Alaska since 1997.

We are privileged to partner with home schooling parents, providing resources and support to committed parents who individualize education for each child.

iGrad Academic Recovery Program

One size does not fit all in education.  There are many reasons why classroom programs might not work for some students.  Health concerns?  Family obligations?  Work obligations?  Credit recovery needs?  The list goes on.  iGrad is designed from the ground up to meet the individual needs of the student.

If you or someone you know needs a quality alternative program, iGrad can help!

Galena Post Secondary Adult Programs

The Galena City School District offers many different Post Secondary adult programs. CTE program highlights include Drone Aviation, Automotive Technology, and Cosmetology.