GCSD Contact Information

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Web Accessibility Contact  907-374-2200  
 Superintendent  Dr. Jason Johnson  907-656-1205 jason.johnson@galenanet.com
 Assistant Superintendent  Greg Culbert  907-374-2200 greg.culbert@ideafamilies.org
 Assistant Superintendent  Bev Kokrine  907-656-1205 bev.kokrine@galenanet.com
 Associate Superintendent  Jim Merriner  907-562-4332 jim.merriner@galenanet.com
 Director of Special Education  Tracy Culbert  907-374-2200 tracy.culbert@ideafamilies.org
 Assistant Director of Special Education  Lilly Ann DeWilde  907-656-2053 lillyann.dewilde@galenanet.com
 Director of Federal Programs  Richard Ramage  907-656-1205 richard.ramage@galenanet.com
 Business Office Manager  Isabella Apfelbeck  907-656-1205 isabella.apfelbeck@galenanet.com
 Director of Maintenance  Charlie Green  907-656-1205 charlie.green@galenanet.com
 Director of Technology  Chris Javier  907-562-4332 chris.javier@ideafamilies.org
 SHS Principal  David Casey  907-656-1205 david.casey@galenanet.com
 GILA Principal  Naomi Winters  907-656-2053 naomi.winters@galenanet.com
 Director of Residence Life  Ben Blasco  907-656-2053 ben.blasco@galenanet.com
 IDEA Director  Dean O’Dell  907-562-4332 dean.odell@ideafamilies.org
 IDEA Assistant Director  Deb Mackie  907-260-7555 deb.mackie@ideafamilies.org
 iGrad Administrator  Corrie Hruby  907-357-4850 corrie.hruby@ideafamilies.org
 District Office
 P.O. Box 299  Phone: 907-656-1205  
 Galena, AK 99741  Fax: 907-656-1368  
 Sidney C, Huntington Schools
 P.O. Box 299  Phone: 907-656-1205  
 Galena, AK 99741  Fax: 907-656-1368  
Galena Interior Learning Academy
 P.O. Box 359  Phone: 907-656-2053  
 Galena, AK 99741  Fax: 907-656-4589  
 GILA Student Records Requests  907-656-2053  ext. 111  
Interior Distance Education of Alaska
 2157 Van Horn Road  Phone: 877-582-4332  
 Fairbanks, AK 99701  Fax: 907-374-2271  
iGrad Alaska
 705 S. Knik Goose Bay Rd., Ste E  Phone: 888-395-4332  
 Wasilla, AK 99654  Fax: 907-357-4853  

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