WELCOME, WE’RE glad you came!

Enaa neenyo!

We’re proud to be known as Alaska’s longest-operating and largest residential vocational school—and pleased to share that GILA is celebrating our 26th anniversary this 2023/24 school year!

GILA has become the school of choice for Alaskan high school students seeking a unique educational opportunity to prepare for a career or post-secondary school advancement. As a fully accredited school, GILA offers Alaska teens the chance to gain industry-standard experience, skills, and certifications within popular career pathways: drone aviation, applied mechanics, construction trades, health science, media and information technology. 


Galena Interior Learning Academy’s residential campus is located in Galena, Alaska, in the heart of the Interior on the mighty Yukon River. Positioned on and around the former Galena Air Force Base and adjacent to the airstrip, just north of the river and northwest of town, GILA is surrounded by wilderness. 


GILA offers vocational training in automotive mechanics, welding, woodworking, cosmetology, health sciences, media and information technology, and drone aviation, along with a rigorous academic curriculum. Students have come from many communities across Alaska to take advantage of GILA’s unique career and technical education opportunities. 


GILA enjoys long-running partnerships with the City of Galena, Louden Tribal Council, University of Alaska Fairbanks, and various local organizations and Alaskan businesses. These partnerships help prepare GILA students for continued study at the University, post-secondary career and technical training centers, or for direct entry into the workforce.  

MODERN facilities

The campus is continuously growing and changing, with new buildings being obtained, remodeled, or built. The many facilities available to students provide the luxuries and technology less common in typical Alaska bush communities. Likewise, the community of Galena offers a multitude of leisure and outdoor activities, community and cultural events, and valuable resources and services.