Principal’s Corner

We promise to …

• Help our students increase their math performance 4% annually and their reading performance 3% annually,
• Treat all students with compassion, dignity, and respect so that at least 80% will continue schooling with GCSD, and
• Personalize instruction for each student based on assessment data.

May 25, 2021

Hello Wonderful People!

We’re almost there!

We have many family members flying into Galena to participate in the celebration of the Class of 2021.  Eighteen of these family members are parents of GILA students and will be staying with us here on the GILA campus.

We welcome all of our parents and we’re so lucky to have them here.  Their excitement to be here has outweighed the financial and geographical hardships they have had to endure.

Strategies to minimize the risk of any health and safety concerns are in place.

The bottom line is that we are going to do the best we can to make sure we finish the year strong and to make sure we have the wonderful graduation ceremony our seniors deserve.

Health & Safety Strategies Include:

  • We will all be masked and will practice social distancing while inside any of our buildings or when interacting with others on either of our campuses.
  • We will all practice universal hygiene protocols.
  • Seniors who will be spending time in close proximity with their parents will be checked out permanently from the dorms and released to their parents.  These students will not attend their regular classes and will reduce, as much as feasible, their close contact with others.
  • Seniors who have minimal contact with their parents may continue to reside in the dorms.
  • Parents will have their meals delivered to them.
  • Parents will, at no time, enter Ptarmigan Hall.

Parents are free to walk about campus and may be seen in our buildings.  Remember, eighteen of these families will be residing on the GILA campus.

Thanks so much!

John riddle

John Riddle
Principal of Boarding School Operations
907-656-2053 ext 108
656-7193 (cell)