Meet Naomi Winters

Ms. Winters is the Principal of Galena Interior Learning Academy. Originally from Colorado, she has been in education for 14 years. Naomi and her husband, Jake, GILA’s PE/Health teacher and basketball coach, are pleased to be celebrating their second year with us in Galena. 

From classroom teaching to special education experience, and school leadership certification, she brings a unique skillset and wealth of knowledge to our district’s leadership team. 


February 9, 2023

Hello GILA Families and community, 

We’re just past mid-quarter and time is flying by! Students have settled into classes and dorm life. We have had many great things happening here at GILA.

GILA was happy to partner with Tanana Chiefs Conference to offer some social-emotional learning events for a mini wellness week. We had great feedback from students and staff about the health talks students attended featuring a panel of adults from the community, school, and behavioral health. These talks focused on topics brought forward by the students.

While TCC was here we were able to offer QPR to seven classes. We also had a representative from the TCC GO program present to five classes and do an evening activity in the dorms. The highlight of the mini wellness week event was a community performance by Byron Nicholai. Students were excited to see his performance, with one student sharing, “He represents ME!”

We were fortunate to have Carry the Cure present a concert by Broken Walls for the community and students. They had a last-minute cancellation and reached out to us to bring their message of suicide and abuse prevention to GILA.

Students and staff are celebrating senior night this Friday the 17th and our homecoming dance is Saturday. Students will also have the opportunity to do some Iron Dog events with My Grandma’s House this Friday.

Rachel has been working to give students the opportunity to take the ASVAB test this month and the ACT test next month if they are interested. Sutton is working to offer the SAT in April. Wanda, our new counselor, has done a credit audit of our juniors and seniors to make sure they are on track to graduate. Wanda has also worked to help create a system for mandatory tutoring for all students with D’s or F’s.

Dr. McGill continues to support students and staff with mental health. She started a Wellness Bingo with staff to help us remember to keep ourselves healthy so we can care for others.

Enrollment is now open for next school year online if you know anyone who would like to join us at GILA. We are honored to have your student(s) here with us. Please reach out with any questions or concerns. 


Naomi Winters

Principal of Boarding School Operations
Galena Interior Learning Academy (GILA)
(907) 656-2053, ext# 374