Residential Life

Ptarmigan Hall

Students attending Galena Interior Learning Academy live in Ptarmigan Hall. The building has separate floors for boys and girls. There are offices and activity rooms on the ground.

Ptarmigan Hall Dorm Room
Ptarmigan Hall Lounge Area
Ptarmigan Hall Game Corner
Ptarmigan Hall Computer Lab
Ptarmigan Hall Game Room
Kkuskkuno Student Union Building

Kkuskkuno is the Athabascan word for “a place to gather.” The GILA student union building has a game room with billiards, air hockey and ping pong tables, the student store, and a movie and video game room. The student union building can also host school and community events and musical performances.

Iditarod Hall

Iditarod Hall is the adult residence hall for staff members and others associated with the school district.

Two Seasons Dining Hall

The Two Seasons Dining Hall offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner for GILA students and residence hall staff. Our skilled kitchen staff offers a selection of fresh fruit, a salad bar, and dessert that accompany the entrees.

GILA gymnasium

The GILA gymnasium has a three-quarter size basketball court, weight room, and raquetball courts, as well as a classroom. The gym and weight room are used for physical education classes during the day and student recreation evenings and weekends.