State-of-the-Art Science, Tech, Engineering & Math Facility

As a part of the district’s six-year capital improvement plan, this $8 million Galena City Schools facility was secured with the gracious funding of $7.6 million in state grant dollars. Completed in December of 2020 and officially opened for classroom use for students during the spring of 2021, GCSD and the City of Galena are proud of the continuous improvements to our Galena-based facilities.

remodeled “headquarters”

We are proud of this development for the students, families and community of Galena. Now referred to as the “S.T.E.M. Building,” (STEM = science, technology, engineering, and math), this renovation of the old military “Headquarters” building on the GILA campus has allowed greater utilization of the previous military buildings in support of our district’s educational mission. 


The STEM Building is designed with seven classrooms. Three of the classrooms (downstairs) are designed with the latest technology upgrades for core curriculum classes. Four classrooms (upstairs) were designed to focus on the sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Physical Science, Earth Science, Space and Flight Science, and GILA’s CTE Health Science Program. 


As the only two story building on our Galena campuses, we’re pleased to offer accessibility to all of our students, staff, and commmunity members. The STEM Building was designed with full ADA compliance.


In this space, teachers work with students to create laboratory and hands-on activities that broaden students’ understanding of science, technology, engineering, and math—with a little English and other subjects, too!