Congrats to all of our GCSD Grads!

Thank you for joining us for our live stream of Galena City School District’s 2021 Graduation. CONGRATS to each and everyone one of our #GCSDGRADS21 — wishing you all the best and the brightest futures!  

Share with us in celebration by uploading your photos or comments below:

CONGRATULATIONS!! Emily Harry YOU did it❣❣❣ Make us very proud…we love you❤

-Bertha Harry

It’s been 4 years since I left Galena. I spent 4 wonderful years there proud to say I’m GILA class of 2017! Congratulations to all the graduates. You guys did it!

Hi Bebeox! I love you!!! Boys too, my Auglines.

-Marsha Harry

Matthew Stanley!!!! Your crazy Rodrigues cousins are so very proud of everything you have accomplished! Great job young man!!! You have a bright future ahead of you!! Love you lots!
XO- Chris, David, Dom, Dev and Josiah!

Congrats to all graduates and my nephew Corbin Sommer!!!
-J Griffin

~~*CONGRATULATIONS TO Frank D. George II, you did it…. Your sister is so proud of you, reach for the stars and your dreams. I love you very much*~~

Congratulations love you papa.
-Miguel k Bordeaux

Congrats Lydia you did it. We’re all so proud of you!
-Antoinette Halvorsen