why choose G.I.L.A.?

G.I.L.A. advantages

We believe strongly that G.I.L.A. offers the best academic opportunities
available in Alaska, for three primary reasons:

The Experience

Our campus is located in Galena, Alaska, a rural setting appealing to the lifestyle of the rural students and also allowing those from urban communities to pursue a more focused emphasis on the individual student. Our unique location offers a special dynamic where students can pursue academic success, while immersed in a close-knit community of peers and a support team of caring, dedicated staff. G.I.L.A. offers an unparalleled educational experience you simply won’t find elsewhere.

Academic Excellence

G.I.L.A. hires top notch vocational and technical teachers to prepare students for upper-level career pathways. Our educators are famous for their enthusiastic and inspiring teaching techniques in which students may enjoy a more hands-on and active learning style in a variety of course offerings. Each student benefits from personalized guidance and a custom learning plan to correspond with their selected interests and goals.

Sports + Recreation

From basketball, volleyball and cross-country running to wrestling, swim team and Native Youth Olympics, G.I.L.A. students are given an opportunity to shine in many extracurricular activities sponsored by the school. Other workshops, clubs and events are held throughout the school year. Choose from Talent Competitions, Musicals, Science Fair, Spelling Bee, Battle of the Books, Trapping Club, Native Dance, Sled-Shop, Film Festivals, Carnivals and more!

Space at GILA is limited. Reserve your spot now!


Our graduates have gone on to become health aides, EMT’s, city and tribal administrators. Many have also landed excellent union positions in welding and construction in their home regions of Alaska.

Approx # of nurses needed to replace those retiring in the field as of 2022
Number of jobs added in the IT field by 2024 (from 3.9 million to 4.4 million)
13 %
Projected growth for employment of construction laborers by 2024