BusinessRoomsBedsDescriptionContact Information
Alexander’s Lake B&B353 bedrooms with 5 beds total. Exede satellite w/WiFi, Dish Network.907-656-7095; 907-947-3631Joyce & Larry
Joyce & Larry Hausmann  Newly remodeled with firm, comfortable beds.larry_hausmann@hotmail.comHausmann
   Airport pick up; Meals and Laundry available. (Fully licensed and insured)  
Borealis Bed & Breakfast    24Small cabin, fully stocked, but currently no WiFi, cable or w/d; sleeps 1-2  907-656-1981Jon Korta
Jon & Tanya Korta  “We will occassionally also rent out rooms in our home.” 
Frankson Services5105 rooms with 2 beds each (Satelite TV in each room)907-656-7042 cellErica Frankson
Erica Frankson222 rooms with 2 beds 
   Vehicles to rent: 5 full-size Chevy 4-door trucks, 1 Chevy Tahoe SUV & 1 Toyota 
Galena Ventures66All private rooms; WiFi, Dish Network & full kitchens.907-656-7003 Pam; 656-7411 EdPam & Ed Pitka
Pam & Ed Pitka  3 apartments with 2 bedrooms 
Gana-A’Yoo Apartments12Duplex:  1 bedroom apartment.907-656-1606Sharon Nollner
Sharon Nollner  Vehicle(s) to rent: Sharon 
    csullivan@ganaayoo.comCherie Sullivan
Pitka’s Car Rentals  3: Ford 150 extended cab; Ford 150 standard cab; Ford 250 Flatbed907-656-7011 cell; 656-1719 homeTerry Pitka
Terry Pitka 
Shangri-la57Three Bedroom House + 2 Cabins: WiFi, Satellite TV, washer/dryer, full kitchen907-656-4545; 378-6668 cell (Brad); 656-7100 cell (Sandy)Sandy Scotton
Sandy Scotton  Vehicles to rent: 2 trucks, 2 
The Sweetsir Guesthouses464 bedrooms with 6 beds w/wifi, cable, washer/dryer, dishwasher, 2 bathrooms907-656-1245Agnes Sweetsir
Agnes Sweetsir  “Plenty of room for extra beds & cots.” 
Yukon Alaska Enterprise491 apartment w/3 beds; 3 rooms w/2 beds each907-656-1334Shirley Cleaver
Shirley Cleaver  Truck Rentals: 2 Full size GMC trucks (4×4), 1 Ford 4-door truck (4×4)907-460-1446 cell