Galena’s Community School

A source of historical and beaming pride within Galena, Sidney C. Huntington School provides Pre-K through 7th grade instruction for local children. Upon entering the 8th grade, SHS High School and the Galena Interior Learning Academy immerse students in CTE and Academic opportunities through sharing resources to serve the personal, career, and educational interests of our resident students.

Increased Academic Support

SHS is proud to provide additional aggressive and rigorous student learning opportunities through the introduction of After-School and Summer Acceleration Academies as well as Early Childhood Programming in 2023!


  • Fall and spring drama productions
  • Annual school travel opportunities
  • Learning academies, student government and numerous leadership opportunities
  • Native singing and dancing, beading and subsistence lessons

Athletics Programs

Our school mascot, the Galena Hawk, represents courage, strength, and perseverance.  Students may opt to participate in a variety of sports from Cross-Country Running, Wrestling, and Volleyball to Basketball, Native Youth Olympics, and our two latest additions: Swimming and E-Sports. 

Community Involvement

Students eagerly and routinely participate in local community events, volunteer at the Elders Center, and help support their neighbors by chopping wood, sharing in their subsistence harvest, engaging in the outdoors, and simply by spreading youthful joy to each of us!

Photo credit: Miranda Martinez
Photo credit: Paul Apfelbeck