Superintendent’s Corner

February 28, 2023

Dear GCSD Families and Community Members,

To quote a world famous author, “When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better to.” In the spirit of this statement, I can emphatically state that your classified, certified and administrative teams model and provide validity to this belief as they unequivocally “love” education as well as selflessly serving you and in turn, continue to raise the bar for your child(ren) – Improving outcomes, experiences and the future each day. 

Personally speaking, I too find truth in the reference above as the more I actively “love” my family, my team, my hobbies, my profession and my daily habits . . . Almost like magic, the more I personally receive in return. Without question, I can assure you that this will be on full display within our household as we are drawing much closer to welcoming our son into the world in about eight weeks! 

Shifting from the personal to the professional, “love” for SHS and GILA has been on full display lately as your Board of Education and Student Government Representatives did a phenomenal job advocating for your child(ren) in Juneau earlier this month with the legislature. An opportunity to share your own personal passion/voice is currently available as four school groups (Student Success, Community Connections, Workforce Climate and Embracing Cultures) are in the process of drafting goals and strategies associated with a 5-year school improvement plan. Further, please know that our hiring for the upcoming school year has been incredible, that you should expect your children to receive an exceptional education and that we are continuing to hear from applicants that they want, wish and hope to be a “Hawk!” 

In closing, we remain unwavering in our desire to serve you and your child(ren) at the highest level and will continue to strive for enhanced student outcomes, community partnerships and opportunities to engage with you. 

Looking Forward to the Future, 

Jason R. Johnson, Ed.D. 
Galena City School District