Superintendent’s Corner

October 16, 2017

Dear GCSD Families and Community Members:

October is a really important month for school districts across the state of Alaska because it is the foundational period for determining each school district’s state funding for the school year. The student count period this year runs from October 2 to October 27.

As our enrollment currently stands, GCSD is anticipating our largest enrollment district-wide since the district was founded in 1974. This is extremely important, especially given the state’s current economic downturn. At the end of the last legislative session, public education was extremely fortunate – state funding wasn’t cut and school districts were funded at the same rate as the previous year. Although school districts were “flat funded” during our most recent legislative session, which was an extremely big win for public education, districts are still experiencing less money to provide student services because of inflationary costs for salaries, benefits, utilities, insurance, etc. Many school districts throughout the state have unfortunately had to cut student programs to ensure that their revenues balanced with their expenditures. GCSD has not cut any programs due to the fact that our increased enrollment has offset our inflationary increases. I believe our continued increased enrollment is a direct result of the choices we have proudly provided our families, the partnerships we have developed with our families, and the high quality staff that GCSD has been fortunate to attract to serve our families and students. Upshot, GCSD’s enrollment is extremely healthy which directly influences the quality of programs and choices we are able to provide.

October is also an important month because of local elections. Our public education system is founded on the belief that the best decisions can be made at the local level. During the October elections, GCSD welcomed one returning Board member, Charlie Green (Seat C) back to the Board, and welcomed a new Board member, Peter “Bubba” Aloysius (Seat D). Both of these Board members are graduates of GCSD and GCSD is pleased that they have both stepped up to represent all of our stakeholders as they provide the governance and policy leadership to shape the growth of the district. The October Board meeting is also the month the GCSD Board reorganizes its leadership positions. The GCSD Board reorganized in the following manner:

  • Susie Sam – GCSD Board President
  • Fred Huntington – GCSD Board Vice President
  • Kim Wolf – GCSD Board Treasurer
  • Charlie Green – GCSD Board Secretary
  • Peter “Bubba” Aloysius – Board Member
  • Angelica Firmin – GCSD Student Board Representative

In closing, GCSD is pleased to serve all of our new and returning families and students. Please contact me at the phone number above or the email address below if you would like to discuss any aspect of this letter in greater detail, or if you would like more information on any district initiative.

Yours in education,


Chris Reitan, GCSD Superintendent



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