Superintendent’s Corner

March 21, 2017

Re: March Happenings

Dear GCSD Families;

The school year keeps rolling along at a quick pace and we are almost through March. This time of year is always a special time because our students are presented with an abundance of opportunities to highlight their learning and to expand their educational horizons.

During the end of February and early March, GCSD students had the privilege of engaging in the statewide Academic Decathlon and Battle of the Book competitions. Our IDEA Academic Decathlon teams performed very well. IDEA Team 1 took 3rd place and IDEA Team II took 5th place. Our district Battle of the Book teams also performed well.
• GCSD’s high school team tied for 2nd place.
• GCSD’s middle school team tied for 3rd place.
• GCSD’s 5th/6th grade team took 12th place.
• GCSD’s 3rd/4th grade team tied for 2nd place.
GCSD is proud of our students’ accomplishments in the Academic Decathlon and Battle of the Book competitions, and more importantly, we are proud of each student’s individual growth and academic achievement that they have displayed throughout the 2016-17 school year.
March is also a busy month for our IDEA and GILA programs as each program prepares for our spring and summer advertising and enrollment campaigns. GCSD is recognized statewide as an innovative district and we are excited to begin utilizing social media platforms to provide stronger support for prospective families and students. GCSD is developing enrollment and adverting campaigns targeting the Google, Facebook You Tube, and Instagram platforms. Our intent is to provide our prospective families more focused content regarding our educational support systems to help them choose the most appropriate educational program to meet their student’s needs. This is new territory for GCSD and we are eager to learn from these steps to improve how we share our message to families statewide.

Architects Alaska is continuing with the design and estimations for our heating and window upgrade project for our GILA student residence hall, Ptarmigan Hall. This project will improve the building’s ability to work with the new heat distribution system installed by the City of Galena and improve the building envelope ensuring heat retention within the building. GCSD is fast tracking this project to ensure the district can receive competitive bids in time for the summer construction season.

Finally, GCSD is extremely pleased with the work our students, families, and staff members are engaged in collaboratively to improve the educational opportunities we provide our students. It is especially rewarding to be associated with GCSD and to play a small part in all of the good things that are taking place for our students. Enjoy the warmer temperatures and thank you for collaborating with GCSD.


Chris Reitan, GCSD Superintendent


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