Teacher Direct Dial Phone Numbers

To continue serving our students during the current school closures we have provided our teachers with direct dial phone numbers. You will be able to contact the teachers listed below during normal school hours on the phone numbers provided.

Andrea Doerflinger Math 907-740-8272 Brent Lecky Counselor 907-740-8253
Carrie Given Health Sciences 907-740-8257 David Wightman Construction Trades 907-740-8279
Desarae Hager English & Cosmetology 907-740-8270 Donna Matthews Science 907-740-8295
Eli Holmes Social Studies 907-740-8276 Josh Pittsenbarger Applied Mechanics 907-740-8251
Katie Galauska Art & Spanish 907-740-8278 Kristin Cannon Science 907-740-8301
Lillyann DeWilde Special Services 907-740-8243 Lynn Betterton Math 907-740-8293
Miranda Martinez Social Studies 907-740-8268 Molissa Wightman Math 907-740-8271
Paul Apfelbeck Information Technology 907-740-8261 Rich Reifsnyder Science 907-740-8298
Ryan Harms Physical Education 907-740-8274 Sutton Casey English 907-740-8288
Trisha Esmailka English 907-740-8245 Bruce Fennimore Science and Math 907-740-8275
Dawn Pomrening 5th-6th Grade 907-740-8273 Deborah Merriner Elementary 907-740-8259
Karen Ruchti Special Services 907-740-8277 Jessalyn Reiter Elementary 907-740-8285